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Buy Houston Wholesale Properties from the Karma Property Wholesalers Team

Looking to buy discount properties in Texas? Karma Property Wholesalers wants to sell you houses at deep discounts. That might seem crazy at first. You might be thinking, "Why don't they just fix the houses up themselves and make the lion's share of the profits?" You might also be thinking, "These couldn't possibly be good deals on investment properties because they would keep them if they were."

These thoughts are only natural if you're in the business to buy cheap properties to fix the houses up and sell them or rent them. Here at Karma Property Wholesalers, we just prefer to skip the work/time/hassles involved with having to fix up the houses, so we decided to just bypass that part of the equation.

We find that we are better at finding great deals and passing those on to others. You see, we are better at finding the best wholesale properties in Houston area and then passing those deals on to other investors to do the work. It's just what works best for us. When you let Karma Property Wholesalers spend the time and money doing what we're good at (finding awesome deals), then you can spend more time fixing them up and making incredible profits.

It's truly a win-win situation for both of us. What are you waiting for? Sign up right now to receive notification every time a cheap property in Houston and the surrounding Texas areas becomes available from Karma Property Wholesalers.

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Cal Ewing - Head House Hunter

My name is Cal Ewing and I am the owner of Karma Property Wholesalers. I’ve been working as a real estate investor since 2009. During my time investing in real estate, I bought, renovated and repaired investment properties in Houston, Texas as well as in many other cities across the United States.

Until starting Karma Property Wholesalers, I invested mostly in foreclosure houses and bought bank owned properties or property deals from the county. I came to realize, however, that buying properties in this way was a very slow-going process - dealing with the rules of the banks or county was really frustrating and managing rehabs and renovations was really hard work. I commend those that commit to these methods as their number one real estate investment strategy.

Although I still buy properties as rentals and take on rehab projects from time-to-time, I have found that wholesaling great investment property deals to investors like you has been a business model that really works for my company. Of course, this strategy of seeking out great property deals for real estate investors also works really well for you. It is a true win-win.

I pride myself and my company on doing business in such a way that everyone wins. I truly believe in “Good Karma” and that helping others in the real estate industry and doing good deeds reciprocates back in a positive way. If you are having trouble finding the deals to grow your real estate investment business, get on board with Karma Property Wholesalers and we will find them for you.

If you really want to scale your business in a BIG way, you need to be using other people's money so that you can buy more houses, do more flips in a year or increase the size of your rental portfolio. I can help you finance your next deal. For info check out my other company Karma Capital Solutions.

Keri Nelson - Sales Manager

Meet Keri Nelson, Administrator and Sales Manager at Karma Property Wholesalers. She has over 10 years of exceptional customer service in the administration industry. When you initially contact Karma Property Wholesalers Keri is likely the team member who will assist you with all your buying and selling needs. Keri is an asset to Karma Property Solutions team and our customers.

Clint Rogers - Acquisitions Manager

Meet Clint Rogers, Acquisitions Manager, at Karma Property Solutions. Clint joins the Karma Team with 20+ years of construction, sales and leadership experience. It doesn't matter if he is digging a trench, managing crews, selling home remodeling projects or contracting residential or commercial construction projects, Clint has built a reputation for giving first class customer service while providing the highest quality craftsmanship and staying in budget and on time. As the Acquisitions Manager for Karma Property Solutions, Clint's mission is to bring in great investment property deals for you, the investor.

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