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Identifying and Fixing Termite Damage on Your Investment or Future Houston Investment Properties

Posted on: January 11th, 2017 by , No Comments

Fixing termite damage first requires some knowledge in identifying the signs of termite damage in your Houston, Texas investment property. Since a termite’s primary diet is wood, they are capable of compromising the strength and integrity of the structure of your investment properties. 

Termite damage causes unsafe conditions and renders your house unlivable unless the infestation is treated. Termite treatment cost and fixing termite damage can vary based in the damage and even the type of termite in your Greater Houston area investment property.

Fixing Termite Damage: How to Spot Termites

If you are considering purchasing a Texas house for real estate investing or already own the house, you should be inspecting the property for signs of termite damage. Signs of termites are fairly easy to spot.

First, tap on a suspected damaged piece of wood. If the wood sounds hollow you might have a termite infestation. If you suspect termites, cut a small section of the wood and look for the following termite damage signs:

Drywood Termites: Drywood termites eat large sections of wood and chew against the grain of the wood. The appearance of drywood termites can look very serious, but the damage is typically less than subterranean termites. Drywood termites stay in the same spot where they feed, so look for fecal pellets outside of the wood that is infested to confirm termite infestation.

Subterranean Termites: Subterranean termites eat softer woods and they eat along the grain. This produces a honeycomb pattern in the wood. It is important to stop subterranean termites immediately because of their massive colony numbers. They cause significant more damage in a shorter amount of time than their drywood termite counterparts. Subterranean termites move from structure to structure and use tunnels to access the numerous areas of your Texas house.

Structural Damage

Homes that are primarily constructed of wood are most susceptible to termite damage. However, other materials are common for termites and these include plaster and metal siding. Once termites enter your home, they can feed on ceilings, floors, cabinets, furniture, and much more.

Termites destroy the structures of your Houston real estate investment properties, which will cause costly repairs of the internal structures (frames, walls, ceilings, floors) of your house from a licensed professional contractor. Further, fixing termite damage will require you to repair or replace all the furniture and other household items that were damaged.

Preventing and Fixing Termite Damage

You can always prevent termites by removing dead trees and stumps from the areas surrounding your Houston, Texas house. Also, if you have firewood near your house, keep the wood as far away from your house. When you need to bring the firewood into your house, be sure to check each piece for termite damage signs.

If you plan on building any kind of outdoor wooden structure or adding on to your Greater Houston area rental properties, always use treated wood to prevent termite damage. Inspect your house for termite entry points. The most common entry points for termites are door frames, deck posts, support beams, and any other ground to wood contact.

Always contact a professional termite exterminator to examine your termite infestation and begin fixing termite damage immediately before the damage becomes too extensive (and expensive). The termite treatment cost vary based on the severity of damage and costs approximately $600 per structure with an average total cost of $3,000.

For more information about signs of termite damage and fixing termite damage, click here.

If you are considering adding to your real estate investing portfolio and want to purchase a Texas investment property make sure you won’t be fixing termite damage after the sale. A termite inspection costs approximately $100 and involves a two-step paperwork process. To avoid the hassles of termite inspections and potential termite damage repairs, you should consider purchasing wholesale properties through Karma Property Wholesalers. We are experienced and knowledgeable with termite inspections and fixing termite damage.

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