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4 Reasons Smart Investors Use a Wholesaler to Buy Rehab and Rental Properties

Posted on: December 14th, 2016 by , No Comments

Real estate investors can benefit when they use a wholesaler to buy Houston, Texas rental properties and rehab properties. The advantages of using a wholesaler for your real estate investment business are vital to taking your business to the next level. A wholesaler strengthens your rental or rehab business, providing you with tailored services that meet your specific needs. Here are four reasons you must use a wholesaler now:

Use a Wholesaler to Save Time and Money

When you use a wholesaler to find deals for your Greater Houston area real estate investing business, you save yourself significant time and money. You will be able to leverage your wholesaler’s time and costs toward marketing. You won’t need to spend thousands of dollars and lots of hours scouring the MLS, FSBO listings, sending direct mailers, putting out signs, driving neighborhoods, building websites, creating ad campaigns, or networking to find deals.

Instead, your Houston, Texas wholesaler is responsible for lead generation and finding deals so you can focus on other preferred tasks. Using a wholesaler is a cheaper alternative (and less time consuming) than you performing the logistics tasks or requiring you to hire an expensive realtor.

Use a Wholesaler So You Can Focus on Important Tasks

A wholesaler frees your schedule so that you can focus on money-making tasks such as analyzing deals, negotiating and making offers, planning the rehab, building your team, managing your tenants, and finding money through lenders and partners. Use a wholesaler to take daunting and time consuming tasks off your plate so you can grow your Houston, Texas real estate investment company and, in turn, increase your business’s profits.

Use a Wholesaler as an Extension of Your Team

A good wholesaler will fill the role of a team member for your Greater Houston area real estate investment business. Communication is key when working with your wholesaler. They will understand your property criteria and know exactly what you are searching for as well as connect the dots from your goals to the ideal property.

A wholesaler is your best resource to improving your team and business. Another advantage to having a wholesaler on your team is the potential for a joint venture on certain property deals.

Use a Wholesaler for Their Complementary Skill Sets

Another advantage of working with Houston wholesaler is the benefit of utilizing their strengths to help you accomplish your goals. If you do not have the time for lead generation and finding deals, delegate to your wholesaler. If negotiations are not your strong suit and the wholesaler is accomplished in the art of negotiation, play to that strength.

A wholesaler should have resources (i.e. lenders, title companies) and connected to a large network. Use these assets to your advantage and work together with your Greater Houston area wholesaler. Be sure you are connecting with your wholesaler’s network in order to complete deals successfully.

When you use a wholesale real estate investor or business to help you buy Houston rehab properties or rental houses, you are gaining a valuable ally for your Houston, Texas real estate investing business. You gain valuable time to perform tasks to grow your business and increase your profits. Real estate investors need a wholesaler to build their business and take their growth to the next level.

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